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Never one and the same, unique in every way, tinted with shimmering hues of the rainbow. Precious, a Gem of the Great Pacific Ocean Nurtured by her tidal currents & nourished within her aquatic womb.

A wondrous creation of nature & perfect in every form. Exquisite pearls cultured in the remote and pristine lagoons of the Cook Islands.

Moana Gems specialises in the best quality black pearls the Cook Islands has to offer and is a treasure chest of AVAIKI Cook Islands Pearl jewellery that is stylish, modern & timeless. Read More...


Moana Gems is definitely my favourite place to shop for jewellery. They have such a variety of amazing jewellery pieces that provide for the sophisticated to the simple, yet dazzling look.  Every piece is so unique and classy.  I’ve shopped here for years and guaranteed every time I visit this store I walk out with something special because the prices are so reasonable and cater for every occasion.  I absolutely Love Moana Gems Uptown, it’s the place to shop - Krystina Kauvai, Miss South Pacific 2006


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